Sil Zero Media

SILHOUETTE ZERO: A Star Wars story powered by the Star Wars RPG game. It's about short aliens!


Roll tables inspired by the game MAZE RATS. You can use them for any Star Wars RPG game to help generate ideas, or you can modify the existing MAZE RATS rules to play an entirely new game. 

Click here to download. 

NPC Cards

We love when the characters of Silhouette Zero show up in your home games! To help you make that a smoother experience, here are some NPC cards. We will add more over time, so check back!

Jinko - Toydarian Thief
TAZI - Jawa technician

Investigation DARK

A hack of the game CTHULU DARK I made. It's probably not very good, but at least it's free? 


The Four attitudes of Foon

A fan-made RPG in honor of one of my favorite podcasts, Hello from the Magic Tavern. 

Click here to download. 

microlite breath of the wild

A BREATH OF THE WILD version of Microlite D20 that I wrote.

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